Snow Bone - Neon X (Lobster Theremin)

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Snow Bone - Neon X (Lobster Theremin)

The green moon rises over the freshly scorched post-apocalyptic Earth, as one last droid emerges from the mass wreckage of the last crumpled city. That droid is Neon X. Snow Bone returns to LT with another ferocious four-track EP, following on from his Remote Viewer EP, Mystic Vision black label and Black Patterns LP from last year. Tape-driven techno never got it so hard.. This time driving the desk with stress-pelting rave alarms, scuffed & crunchin' city-escape bass lines, scattered snare-morphed-into-laser modular experiments and hissed-up mix-downs to melt any and all sound systems. Absolute beast-material from the label artist's fave. Get ready for ultimate brain melt.