Simone Gatto - Heaven Inside Your Frequencies (Book) (Out-ER)

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Simone Gatto - Heaven Inside Your Frequencies (Book) (Out-ER)

'The author of this text has since several years been exploring as much of the road to music in its every form (conception, creation, production and distribution), as he has delved into its theoretic aspect. Gatto has always adjoined musical practice with philosophical studies and research. This is neither irrelevant nor a given. Having found in theoretical-practical research a dimension where to converse with experimental sound research, constitutes a more unique than rare case within the musical landscape in which Gatto is active. Indeed, with Gatto, communication between theory and artistic practice is so profound that when he released his two latest albums, he once again made the entirely original choice to include a text atypical for a presentation of a record, unseen in the history of djing. An unusual text which has been missing, it must be said. In this regard, besides the originality of Gatto’s choice, it is worth pointing out the far-sightedness of the publisher, who has agreed to give birth to a somewhat abnormal editorial initiative in this area.''