Halcyon offers professional record flattening and cleaning services. Time, usage, heat and other factors can wreak havoc on your LP collection. Through Halcyon's record maintenance services, we are able to give new life to your warped records with our professional flattening service. We also offer cleaning services for your LPs which eliminates micro-dust particles that can distort the sound. 

$9.99 per record. 

To learn more about our record maintenance services, stop by our Williamsburg location or contact us at




We also offer specialized equipment maintenance and repair. Contact 




DJ Lessons

The Nitty Gritty: Learn how to master the turntables with Halcyon's one-on-one DJ lessons. Whether you are just getting started, or are looking to hone your skills, we teach everything you need to know about turntables, mixers, vinyl and other skills such as beat matching and how to properly blend frequencies.

Price: $50 per lesson for all session types. Sessions are one hour each. 

Scheduling: To schedule a session or if you have any questions contact Andrew at

Session 1, Beginner: Learn the basics of DJing. Includes proper handling of vinyl, mixer, turntables and how to beat match two records in sync. 

Session 2, Intermediate: Learn advanced level of beat juggling, eq-ing and how to properly blend frequencies. Learn proper track selection and detailed DJ tricks.

Session 3, Advanced: Learn professional level techniques. How to keep a continuous mix and flow of records. Learn how to control and make a connection with the crowd. Advanced preparation for shows and adjusting your set for your allotted timeslot. 

Perks: All classes include exclusive access to discounts on turntables, equipment and vinyl.