Seer - Detour 006 (Detour)

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Seer - Detour 006 (Detour)

The most exciting techno records are those not afraid to break a few rules, and that’s exactly what’s on offer on this latest slab from Pittsburgh-based imprint DETOUR. It comes courtesy of SEER, a new Brooklyn-based project from Maroje T and M Parent. Maroje’s previous handiwork includes streamlined acid techno on boutique label Chem Club and down ‘n dirty electro for Dutch weirdos Pinkman; meanwhile, M Parent’s first 12”, also on Chem Club, is dubby, driving, and psychedelic. Together as SEER, they’ve threaded a needle in between their respective styles and sounds, coming up with something altogether different. Their debut record throws a little bit of everything into the mix: chopped-up breakbeats, post-industrial moods, syrupy mid-tempo electro, and spectral, futuristic synths all feature across its four tracks. Each charts a different path; same-ol’ cookie-cutter techno this record is most certainly not. “Freak Machine,” the record’s opener, is more staid than you might imagine given its title, but its recomposed breaks and vigorous electro rhythms will energize a dancefloor. “The Phenomenon Manifests” brings crunchy beats to the fore, balancing heavy percussion with ghastly synth work. “Hesitant Fingers” brings the pitch well down, offering up delightful EBM-flavored chug. Last but certainly not least is “Circles,” a syncopated techno jam that finishes off the record on a minor-key (yet plaintively uplifting) note. ELECTRO TECHNO