Occidental / Grey People - Trespass / Cop Watch 12" EP (Deep Club) **Preorder Expected April 3rd**

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Occidental / Grey People - Trespass / Cop Watch 12" EP (Deep Club) **Preorder Expected April 3rd**


"Deep Club rounds out five years with its fifth addition to the label arm, a split 12-inch EP of raw, unbridled techno. Trespass / Cop Watch reaches outside of Deep Club’s inner circle, enlisting the talents of Grey People, one of the crew’s favorite American techno producers. After posting key releases for Proper Trax, CGI, and Public System Recordings, Grey People released 12-inches for Valcrond Video and Nerang Recordings, as well as a new album with fledgling French label 99cts Rcrds, all while commanding Nashville’s techno underground and helping run the budding TRAM Planet label and party crew. Adding to the fun, Occidental crawls back out of the shadows to contribute two brain-melting tracks to this split twelve.

Occidental starts it off with two not-so-similar versions of “Trespass”. “Trespass (Juss Feel It)” delivers 140 BPM of filthy frequencies straight to the brain stem in just over four minutes. You juss gotta feel it. Next, “Trespass Dat A$$” slows the pace down and turns up the spanking. This one is all about the thick, pulsing kickdrum, lush pads, and deep moans. The flip side belongs to Grey People. “Intercepting Encrypted Messages” channels a repetitive, bloopy synth rhythm and powerful drums before the hi-hats and claps smack the dancefloor. “Cop Watch” draws on Grey People’s Chicago roots for a dynamic and frenetic dance.

— Ryan Scannura"