Moondog - And His Friends (Honest Jon's Records)

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Moondog - And His Friends (Honest Jon's Records)

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EXPERIMENTAL FOLK ABSTRACT JAZZ NYC LEGEND "Moondog was born Louis Hardin, in Marysville, Kansas, and grew up in the west, where the percussion instruments of Indian tribes fascinated the boy. A chief named Yellowcalf taught him much about the manipulation of the instruments. When he was sixteen Moondog lost his sight, but took up the study of music at a school for the blind, learning theory as well as such instruments as the violin and viola. In 1943 he moved to Manhattan and began developing his own theory of music - sometimes referred to as "snaketime," because of its undulating sound - but went west again in 1948, to Arizona, studying again with the Indians. A year later he returned to New York, and began playing his unique instruments - many of his own construction and arrangement - on street corners."