Cyrnai - Hypno-Seizure LP (Dark Entries)

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Cyrnai - Hypno-Seizure LP (Dark Entries)

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POSTPUNK EXPERIMENTAL 1988 "In 1987, towards the end of art school, Carolyn won another award from the New York Society of Illustrators. During the trip to New York to accept the award, she met electronic/dulcimer musician, Dan Joseph. After writing some letters they decided to make a split cassette titled ‘Hypno-Seizure’. CYRNAI contributed 30 minutes of music to Side A of the cassette, 10 untitled pieces that ran into each other. She had just bought a round-the-world ticket going from China to Europe via Eurails, to Egypt, where she liked to wander. She picked up instruments from several countries and recorded the sounds of her new surroundings."