The Shop

Halcyon /halsēən/ 

Denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful


Halcyon the Shop opened its doors on September 9, 1999 in a small shop on Smith Street in Brooklyn, selling a wide variety of vinyl records from dance, jazz, funk, soul, rock, hip hop, techno, house and beyond.  Functioning much like today’s concept store, the original Halcyon not only sold vinyl records, but also knick knacks, collectible items, as well as home furnishing and décor, where customers were able to buy anything with a price tag on it from the vinyl record they picked up to the plush couch they were sitting on.


 Over the years, Halcyon evolved with the ups ad downs of the music industry, hopscotching around Brooklyn locations and sometimes narrowing focus in genres and offerings. The one common thread true to Halcyon’s core throughout the past two decades has been the shop’s dedication to creating and fostering a community around music, with Halcyon’s motto “united against silence” ringing true.


Halcyon is proud to celebrate its 20th Anniversary at its new permanent location within Etiquette Space that pays homage to its original ambiance, lifestyle and spirit when Halcyon first opened its doors in 1999. Halcyon is getting back to its roots, expanding its offering in genres, more widely expanding into disco, funk, jazz, soul and rock as well as featuring more rare used records that is sure to attract collectors. Halcyon will also still feature a broad selection of house and techno as well as left field electronic music. Visitors of Halcyon can dig through the grand wall of thousands of new and used records across numerous genres, and then lay in bed and listen to records while sipping a cup of coffee and enjoying a home baked good from the Etiquette Café.




Open daily, from 10AM – 5PM seven days a week, Halcyon the Shop is proud to offer its customers a diverse collection of new and used vinyl records. As always, Halcyon will continue to stock DJ equipment, vinyl accessories and merchandise, and in the coming months the shop will also expand its offering to the very knick knacks and collectible items that helped define Halcyon’s offering back in 1999. Be sure to check out the Record Menu when visiting Halcyon at Etiquette Space, that will feature exclusive releases and rare finds that Halcyon proudly stocks.


Welcome to Halcyon; a place in time that is idyllically happy and to our new home at Etiquette Space; a home designed to cultivate memories and joy. Here’s to the next 20 years. 


Event Rentals

Halcyon is available for private events, video and photo shoots. 

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